Monday, January 23, 2017

Filming My Scientology Movie with Louis Theroux and the BBC

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I filmed a video today because I wanted to share my experience filming My Scientology Movie with Louis Theroux and BBC Films.

I was very excited to have had the opportunity to share my story about Scientology. I wanted to take you guys back to 2014 and give you the scoop on what actually happened on set of the film all the way up to the premiere in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival.

I really want to thank John Dower and Louis Theroux for giving me the opportunity to share my story with the Church of Scientology. It meant a lot to me because Scientology didn't get the "one-up" on me by silencing me. I got to share what really happened to me inside the organization and have it be told on a worldwide platform. I will be forever grateful for the chance I had to inform others about how they rope in vulnerable people, and especially actors, in Los Angeles.

You can see the video I made here:

My Scientology Movie will be in theaters in the USA on March 10. It will also be available On Demand and on Amazon Video!

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