Friday, January 20, 2017

Steven Mango versus the Cult of Scientology

Hi Everyone 😊 Welcome to 
MANGOTOLOGY - Steven Mango versus the Cult of Scientology

Who Am I?

My name is Steven Mango. I was a parishoner of the exclusive Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, CA. In the span of four years of devoted membership until my escape in 2012, I became a lifetime member, I donated close to $50,000 to the church, and I was a victim of severe spiritual and emotional abuse inside the walls of the church. I was also a poster boy for the church, appearing in advertisements for the International Association of Scientologists across the Celebrity Centre. My photo also appeared on their The Way To Happiness booklets. 

I have two YouTube channels. My most popular one is my ex-Scientology channel that has almost 1 million views. My second channel is my personal channel where I share storytime videos, vlogs, and comedy related content. Besides acting and creating YouTube content, I am a hairdresser in Beverly Hills. I am also working on my memoir related to my journey inside & outside of the Church of Scientology, as well as starting a podcast for 2017.

I am married to my wonderful husband Jeff. We reside in Los Angeles, CA with our two Standard Poodles, Phineas and Penelope. 

Why This Blog?

I have a very successful YouTube video called "Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre: An Ex-Parishoner Reveals All." It currently has over 650,000+ views where I detail my experiences as a parishoner of the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, CA. You can view my movie here:

In addition to my documentary, I make weekly (sometimes daily) videos discussing the abuses within the cult. I tell my personal stories about what I went through inside their organization. You can find my Ex-Scientology YouTube Channel here:


I wanted to have a different medium, besides YouTube, to share not only my story but others stories inside the Church of Scientology. I want others to have a voice, and a spotlight, to raise awareness to the abuses within Scientology. 

In addition, I wanted to have a blog so my story, as well as others, are in writing and searchable online in text form. Not everyone is on YouTube, so I wanted a broader audience in relation to this topic.

Share Your Story

Email me at and we can discuss sharing your personal story on this blog. Continue to strike an effective blow to the enemy by relating what you've gone through on Mangotology. 

Also, I am looking to interview other ex-members on my YouTube channel. If you reside in Los Angeles, please contact me.

It's Not ONLY Scientology!

Even though this blog is Mangotology (Steven Mango + Scientology), I am going to be blogging about other hot topics & news items as well. 

I also want to share with you my personal life outside of activism and have a forum to enlighten and inspire others around the world.

I am open to blogging about topics that interest YOU! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you would like to read about.

Check back daily for new posts 😃

💓 Steve

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