Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ex-Scientologist Reveals Scientology Secrets

8:46 PM
Lauren Wagner interviews Steven Mango regarding Scientology

Hey Guys!

My friend Lauren interviewed me before we went to a private screening of My Scientology Movie a few weeks ago to learn more about the abuses I endured when I was a devoted parishioner. Yes, I have told my story within the Church of Scientology multiple times. However, many others have wanted me to tell my story in a more condensed version. 

I initially posted this 2.5 hour video on YouTube, which has received almost 3/4 of a million views:

Ever since I posted this video, I have gotten inundated with emails, calls, letters, and inquiries from others regarding my experiences inside Scientology. I was the first public member of Celebrity Centre to speak out. I was a first generation Scientologist who got roped in through acting workshops. I decided I couldn't put up with holding in the abuses I endured and witnessed and wanted to expose Scientology to the world on YouTube. Little did I know how big and how far & wide the video would spread. But, I know it's a long watch and I wanted to do a 2017 video explaining my story with my friend Lauren.

It's funny because many others, who came after me, have copied my video format when telling their story. It's OK. I'm happy to have inspired others to speak out and feel brave enough to speak out. It's just funny to me because one prominent ex-member in particular, who started speaking out after I did, posted pictures on the side of their video as I did in my documentary, and copied my format overall doing a lecture based video. I was the original, though! Let's just remember that 😋 

After I put out my video, I went silent and didn't speak out further. I did do some media appearances and talked in private ex-Scientology groups online, but I didn't make any videos for years. I felt like I said everything I needed to say in one video. But so many of you asked me to continue speaking out and telling my story. Once I saw Scientology continue to abuse others, via reports from others, and breaking apart family members of dear friends of mine, I realized I couldn't stop until something is done about this. 

Anyway, I digress...

We talk about not only what I went through in years past but where I am in 2017 and what the future holds. I also explain how I got approached to be in My Scientology Movie with the BBC and more fun stories I haven’t told before about Scientology.

I hope you guys enjoy my video! If there is anything you would like to hear me discuss on video, please leave a comment below and let me know.

Goodnight 😊

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proof Marty Rathbun Lied About My Scientology Movie

10:14 PM

Proof Marty Rathbun Lied About My Scientology Movie

Steven Mango shows proof of Marty Rathbun lying about My Scientology Movie, above.

Hey Everyone!

Although I've had many other videos and exposes in the works that I've been editing for my channel, I was compelled to make this video about Marty Rathbun. On my channel I have a video entitled, "Exposing the Lies of Marty Rathbun" which has around 50,000 views.

Many of you have wondered where the proof was to my claims. There was a part of me that was ready to "show the receipts" and continue to expose Marty Rathbun. However, I didn't want my channel to be targeted towards Marty Rathbun. I didn't want to deflect from the serious issues and abuses that are at hand within the corporate cult of Scientology. Scientology OSA (Office of Special Affairs) wants the SP's to fight among each other and take away from what's actually going on inside the organization. I know that so I decided to take a bit of a back seat from Marty Rathbun and wait until a later time to address Marty.

Then My Scientology Movie came out in America and was screened at Arclight Hollywood. I saw it for the third (and the fourth time 3 nights later) in the theater. I got more pieces and clues to my story.

I went to my Gmail account to gather the emails from BBC, John Dower (director), Louis Theroux, and other production coordinators to demonstrate Marty's involvement in the picture. Marty has stated on his blog and elsewhere that he is unhappy with the film and the BBC completely used him as a puppet. He wanted to state he wasn't directing or involved in the making of My Scientology Movie.

An email from director John Dower showing that Marty is directing The Hole.

An email from director John Dower showing Marty will be helping with the casting of David Miscavige.

Marty giving the actors direction during shooting of The Hole Scene. You can see me in the middle between the guy and the red headed girl.

If you watch the video I posted, I show you all the emails, screen shots, pictures, and everything else that will help to piece the Marty Rathbun & My Scientology Movie picture together. I wanted to keep confidentiality and not have to release private information. However, once Marty trashed My Scientology Movie, I had to stand up and speak out against him and use the information I have to showcase the type of person Mr. Rathbun is.

After all that is breaking regarding Marty and getting back into good graces with Scientology, Marty no longer is a "Scientology Warrior" and is a traitor to the ex-Scientologists who trusted him. Did Marty take a secret settlement deal from the cult? Well, his hate website is down and his critical posts about David Miscavige are no longer there. Something is going on with Marty and the cult of Scientology. 

My Scientology Movie is currently On Demand, on iTunes, and Amazon Video! Go check it out!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Steven Mango on IMRU Radio

9:53 AM

Exposing Scientology Secrets on IMRU Radio

(Vlog about my experience on IMRU Radio)

I wanted to give you guys a "behind the scenes" experience for when I recorded IMRU Radio. I made the short vlog, as seen above, as I went to the studio and after I finished recording the show. But, I wanted to write a blog post for you guys about what happened and how I was approached to be on the show.

On my YouTube videos, I do have a "for press inquiries, contact me at..." in the description box of my video. I do get flooded with messages and inquiries on a daily basis. The media is fascinated with Scientology and I get many shows asking me to do an appearance. However, I am very selective on what opportunities I pursue. I do read every email and seriously consider every opportunity. I do get fan mail on this account, as well. I don't get a chance to write back to everyone who sends me letters. There is just not enough time in the day to personally answer everyone. I do love reading my messages and they do brighten my day when I get to hear from you, so thank you! 

One day, I received an email from Abby Dees, the host of IMRU Radio...

I never heard of IMRU Radio before Abby approached me to be on the show. It is the longest running LGBT station on the airwaves! How cool is that? I don't actually listen to talk radio myself. I listen to the same Britney Spears CD in my car on repeat wherever I go. But, I digress. It was easy for me to say yes to being on the show, as I was honored that an LGBT focused show wanted me to represent the voice of a gay man with regard to the Church of Scientology and exposing their LGBT stance. I quickly said yes and asked for more details.

I went to their studio off of Cahuenga Blvd. in Studio City, CA. I was slightly nervous, just because it always makes me a little nervous to discuss anything related to Scientology. I still have a lot of feelings around the subject. Also, I never did a radio interview. I used to not like the sound of my voice, since others always used to make fun of me about it, but now I don't care. I do love to talk, and I do have a tendency to ramble on, so I wanted to make sure I was more concise in the program. 

Abby found me sitting in the hallway and brought me into the recording studio. We only had the studio booked for one hour, maybe one hour and fifteen minutes tops, so we had to do the majority of the interview in that time. Abby asked me, if time permits for me, if I'd like to record in another part of their studio past the hour mark since there is undoubtedly a lot of things to cover about Scientology that one hour would barely scrape. I happily said yes!

Here is a photo of me with Abby Dees, host of IMRU Radio:

I put on the headphones and Abby began my introduction. "Actor Steven Mango..." and we were off! I was very happy because Abby was prepared for my interview. Many people who do interviews with ex-members don't do their homework and are thoroughly unprepared to interview someone on the subject. It's frustrating because when you have to explain things that are so elementary, you don't get a chance to tackle the big topics of debate, the abuses, etc. I was happy to hear that before the interview Abby saw My Scientology Movie and she also saw Going Clear. That's an excellent start for the basic understanding of what's going on in Scientology. 

Then Abby made a revelation: She is the second cousin of Tommy Davis, former & infamous Scientology spokesman.

Abby was recently at a gathering with her second cousin, Tommy Davis, who is now no longer in the Sea Organization. As he is related to her in some form, Abby wanted to check with me to make sure she disclosed that to me and that I was OK with being on the show. She didn't want me to think she was a Scientologist, or that she had a hidden agenda due to her relative, or that I would feel ambushed about it if she revealed it to me first while we were on the air. I assured her it was OK and that I knew she wasn't an OSA spy.

We covered so many different areas of my life within the Church of Scientology. Primarily, as it's an LGBT oriented show, I focused a lot of attention on their LGBT stance. I was in the closet while I was in Scientology, so I got to explain why and my rationale for being in the closet as an active Scientologist.

You guys know me. I have a 2.5 hour video on YouTube. I like to talk and I can tell stories to infinity until someone cuts me off. I really was enjoying this radio gig! It was a lot of fun! Normally, I like being in front of the camera so I can express myself via my emotions, hand gestures, and reactions. Radio is a whole different medium when you are telling a story, you have to solely use your voice to convey emotion and reaction. It made me want to start my Mangotology Podcast! My podcast will be available here in the next coming weeks... so stay tuned!

I really hope, if you didn't get the chance, that you will tune into the vault where my interview will be online.There will hopefully be an Archived copy of my appearance on the show! Their website where they host past radio shows is http://archive.kpfk.org/  so check their website out if you are interested in listening.

Until Next Time,



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