Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proof Marty Rathbun Lied About My Scientology Movie

Proof Marty Rathbun Lied About My Scientology Movie

Steven Mango shows proof of Marty Rathbun lying about My Scientology Movie, above.

Hey Everyone!

Although I've had many other videos and exposes in the works that I've been editing for my channel, I was compelled to make this video about Marty Rathbun. On my channel I have a video entitled, "Exposing the Lies of Marty Rathbun" which has around 50,000 views.

Many of you have wondered where the proof was to my claims. There was a part of me that was ready to "show the receipts" and continue to expose Marty Rathbun. However, I didn't want my channel to be targeted towards Marty Rathbun. I didn't want to deflect from the serious issues and abuses that are at hand within the corporate cult of Scientology. Scientology OSA (Office of Special Affairs) wants the SP's to fight among each other and take away from what's actually going on inside the organization. I know that so I decided to take a bit of a back seat from Marty Rathbun and wait until a later time to address Marty.

Then My Scientology Movie came out in America and was screened at Arclight Hollywood. I saw it for the third (and the fourth time 3 nights later) in the theater. I got more pieces and clues to my story.

I went to my Gmail account to gather the emails from BBC, John Dower (director), Louis Theroux, and other production coordinators to demonstrate Marty's involvement in the picture. Marty has stated on his blog and elsewhere that he is unhappy with the film and the BBC completely used him as a puppet. He wanted to state he wasn't directing or involved in the making of My Scientology Movie.

An email from director John Dower showing that Marty is directing The Hole.

An email from director John Dower showing Marty will be helping with the casting of David Miscavige.

Marty giving the actors direction during shooting of The Hole Scene. You can see me in the middle between the guy and the red headed girl.

If you watch the video I posted, I show you all the emails, screen shots, pictures, and everything else that will help to piece the Marty Rathbun & My Scientology Movie picture together. I wanted to keep confidentiality and not have to release private information. However, once Marty trashed My Scientology Movie, I had to stand up and speak out against him and use the information I have to showcase the type of person Mr. Rathbun is.

After all that is breaking regarding Marty and getting back into good graces with Scientology, Marty no longer is a "Scientology Warrior" and is a traitor to the ex-Scientologists who trusted him. Did Marty take a secret settlement deal from the cult? Well, his hate website is down and his critical posts about David Miscavige are no longer there. Something is going on with Marty and the cult of Scientology. 

My Scientology Movie is currently On Demand, on iTunes, and Amazon Video! Go check it out!

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