Monday, May 22, 2017

How Scientology Rips Off Actors in Hollywood

YouTube video discussing Scientology & Hollywood

Hey Guys!

After a five year hiatus, I am excited to announce that I am getting back into the entertainment industry as an actor. 

Once I met Jeff back in 2012, I got distracted in love. I fell head over heels, I moved in with him, and we got married a few months later. Then, my business tanked and I went to hairdressing school to obtain a skill. From there, I had to focus on breaking into the hairdressing industry, which is a whole other ballgame and it isn't quite an easy task in Beverly Hills. Lately, I have had some time to myself and I have been really trying to think about what makes me happy. Sure, hairdressing is creative and fun. It just doesn't ignite a fire inside of me like performing does. I need to follow my dream and be able to say one day that at least I tried... but hopefully I will be successful and it'll all work out. It's time that I make 2017 my year and that I work towards becoming a social media star and TV actor.

It's not going to be easy. I've already dealt with rejection and a ton of no's this year already! It was a bit of a let down when you get rejected 100 times and feel that no one is interested in you. I may not be the best actor in the world, the most handsome, or the most in shape. I am, however, very unique, quirky, and I am different. That is what will set me aside from all of the other white 20 males in Hollywood and hopefully land me a few roles. I hope that there are comedic roles that can help me get discovered! I love doing comedy. Luckily, I signed with both a new talent manager and TV/Film agent and they are submitting me on the Breakdowns. I am also, in preparation, going to get in a diet and lose 10-15lbs in the next couple weeks before I shoot my new acting headshots and demo reel scenes. I want to give myself the best chance possible to market myself in the entertainment world. I spent a few years of full-time pursuit when I was around 18 years old. However, I am a different person than I was then, I am more talented, and I think now I have a much better shot than I did when I first moved to Hollywood. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

As I have recently signed back up for casting websites, I've noticed Scientology is back up to their same bait-and-switch tactics in recruiting actors. Not many people have experience with regard to insider knowledge on this and also with regard to the Celebrity Centre. 

Here is what Scientology does:

They take out big glossy ads in actor trade papers such as Backstage or on the casting sites such as Actors Access. They advertise things such as "Breaking Into The Industry" or "How To Book Television Commercials" to lure in the new, unsuspecting actors. These workshops may be free or cost a small amount, usually $20-30. They will be hosted by a Scientologist in the entertainment industry, such as a working actor or a casting director. It's a total bait-and-switch.

When you show up to the workshop, they will spend a few minutes discussing basic Google-able ways to break into Hollywood, such as mailing headshots to agents and trying to make connections with casting directors. From there, they will go around the room and find out what is "ruining" you and what is holding you back in life. Scientology is always presented as the answer to this problem. Scientology registrars appear in the room and you are sold a $50 book course. This is your first introduction into Scientology and you will spend years fighting to get off of their mailing lists and to get them to leave you alone. Is that worth hearing you need to mail your headshot to an agent to get discovered?

Scientology will also try to cast you on their projects!

Scientology will also post casting notices for their internal films and videos. These will be non-union projects that typically pay anywhere from $200-400. These castings will take place at the Church of Scientology.

From here, you will go to an audition at the Celebrity Centre. You will be offered a tour to learn more about Scientology. You may be taken to a registrars office to sign up for a course. It all depends on if they feel you are someone they can take advantage of and someone they can get to join their organization. It's always a hard-sell tactic to get you to cave in to sign up.


Why doesn't Scientology use Union actors? Why are they using Non-Union actors for a few hundred dollars? Union actors get paid around $800-1,200 a day plus mileage, food, and overtime. There are certain rules the production has to follow for hiring Union talent. Scientology can get away with using actors as slave labor on these productions and pay them a flat $200 rate. It's ridiculous!

Feel free to check out my video and my YouTube channel if you'd like to learn more about what Scientology is doing to others.

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